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“Country Brunch” Shoot featured on Green Wedding Shoes

When the very talented Danielle Lateulade asked me to collaborate on a shoot at one of the most beautiful hidden gems of South Florida, Estancia Culinaria, I was head over heels. Estancia Culinaria is a private, family owned avocado farm outside of Miami that is one of the most unique wedding venues available. Because it’s so absolutely gorgeous we wanted to capture it’s beauty in all it’s glory while the sun was shining, so we came up with a Country Brunch theme. I had such an amazing time teaming up with a bunch of crazy talented vendors, it was just icing on the cake that we were featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

How amazing is this little chapel?! The family built the chapel completely out of coral rock with custom wood pews and crazy beautiful stained glass windows. Unearthed Vintage brought some amazing pieces and props to style, from mismatch chairs, to wood crates, gold flateware, and a custom gold table for our doughnut dessert spread. The list goes on and on, they’re the best of the best.

The gorgeous Jenna from Hot Pink Style stood in as our blushing bride with her fiance, Adam. You could truly feel the love between the two of them and it was like a trial run for their big day! Plus we felt so lucky to have a real couple on this shoot, made our fun day, love filled. Not only was Jenna our model, but Hot Pink Style also took care of all the dolling up. How stunning was she!

The lovely Laura from Make Merry created our wonderful cheery papery. The inspiration was southern hospitality and color from the mini paintings that we had used as favors at each place setting with some gold glitter thrown into the mix. She nailed it with the paint splotches, color and whimsy. I loved the recipe rsvp card and the little details from the place cards to the napkin wraps and carriage sign. She’s awesome.

I may have had to sample the crazy delicious concoction Chef Santi had created for our Signature Cocktail…. it tasted as good as it looks.

How fun are these geronimo balloons and tissue tassels from The Flair Exchange?! They make me oh so happy.

I myself have a sweet tooth, so we of course had to do a dessert spread… full of yummy doughnuts and cake.  Sweet Treats by Jacks created our adorable cake, cake balls and pops. Cute and delicious, she’s such a sweetheart.

A very special sweet treat was definitely having our shoot captured by the crazy talented LaFrance Films + Seaglass Productions. Check it out:

The Team:

Styling + Coordination: Kasey D Weddings / Photography: Daniel Lateulade / Venue + Catering: Estancia Culinaria / Cinematography: LaFrance Films + Seaglass Productions / Floral Design: Gerilyn Gianna Floral Design / Paper Goods: Make Merry / Wardrobe Styling + Hair + Makeup: Hot Pink Style / Rentals + Prop Styling: Unearthed Vintage / Cake + Treats: Sweet Treats by Jacks / Wedding Gown: Unique Bridal & Boutique / Vintage Stamps: Koi Kalligraphia / Embroidery Hoop: Makenzi & Madilyn Sew / Balloons + Tassels: The Flair Exchange / Sparkler Cake Topper: Tops Malibu

Kasey D Made The Wedding Chicks’ Most Popular Posts of 2011!

When Kat Braman had asked me to team up with her to create an Inspirational Photo Shoot last spring, I would have never imagined the amount of feedback and buzz our shoot would receive. Our “Backyard Glam Wedding” shoot was featured on Wedding Chicks on May 4, 2011, which was such an amazing honor. When I didn’t think I could have been more proud of what we had created, the ladies over at Wedding Chicks had announced that we made it on their list of The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2011!

I am so unbelievably thankful to all the amazing vendors that teamed up with me to create “Backyard Glam”. Please visit my original post of our shoot here to see all the amazing pics by Kat Braman, flowers by Xquisite Events and the tear jerking video by Cabana Pictures.

Yay, to number 8! All the posts were amazing and I was fortunate to be among them. Thanks Wedding Chicks xoxo!

Wedding Wishes & Planning Bliss,

NamiMarch 31, 2012

Just saw the video – you guys all did an amazing job!!!

Kasey d weddings office shoot with Jessica Lorren Photography

First off, let me start by saying Jessica Lorren’s Photos are down right yummy. Her work gives you that oh so good feeling inside, it’s just a plus that she’s so darn sweet. I was dancing in my pants when she accepted my request to have her over for lunch and to take photos of my new home office. Not only did she oblige me by saying yes but she said she was going to use FILM! She’s bananas, amazing.  I’m so excited to share my little wedding oasis with you! It’s the one place I can call completely mine, where I can shut the door, forget about the dirty dishes in the sink and spend countless hours working away while listening to some good music and surfing the big wide world of wedding blogs for some inspiration.Not only did I get Jessica Lorren to come over, but I got the one and only Kristin Brown to doll me up better than I ever could myself or anyone else I know for that matter! I’m saving you from the before and after, but trust me, I needed her help! A big thank you is in order to Kristin for making me feel as beautiful as I hope to feel when I’m a bride…someday! She’s the best, not only did we listen to some good records and eat some cheese and crackers she also made me lmfao ’cause she’s so frick’n funny. Just love her!Jess spotted our swing while scoping out the house and after the cheese and crackers and cupcakes, I thought I could most certainly oblige her and get on the swing. I started pumping but then realized using film is an art form all in its self and you most hold a pose, you can’t just snap away. This is where using film can get tricky, as you don’t have that instant gratification or know if you captured the moment, but at the same time this is also what makes film so special.I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my office! Jess sure did make it look precious. Thanks so much to Jess and Kristin for coming over and making my office shoot a success, it was truly a memorable day. I hope to have Kasey D Brides come here too someday!

Wedding Wishes + Planning Bliss,

AlexJanuary 9, 2012

Kasey, your office is so cute!!! Wishing you lots of luck for Kasey D Weddings!

Emilia JaneJanuary 9, 2012


todd goodJanuary 10, 2012

Looking hot Kasey “D”! Love the simple and clean look of your office….and Jess is awesome as usual!

[...] “Wow, I like them so much”, this is what I said to Dave after my first in-person meeting with Matt and Lisa. I think I repeated it 17x throughout the evening as just the thought of these two brought a smile to my face. It might have been because Lisa is the sort of stunning that you could stare at forever or because Matt is well aware of that fact and it shows in his every glance her direction. Either way I fell for them and was so happy to photograph their wedding day, planned and styled by my sweet friend Kasey D. [...]

“Birds of a Feather” Shoot Featured on Style Me Pretty Florida

I was so thrilled when I received a message in my inbox from Diana Lupu Photography a few months ago. Diana wrote the sweetest e-mail dishing compliments and expressing her enthusiasm to create an Inspirational Photo Shoot with non-other than Moi! I was so flattered and excited even before I got a chance to check out her work and meet her, then when I did, I was, well over the moon! We met at a Starbucks to get the ball rolling and from there the ideas started flowing. We collaborated on the theme by sharing our Pinterest inspirational boards to create the look of our “Birds of a Feather” Inspirational Shoot. I was so inspired by this shoot and had such a blast collaborating with new friends and fabulous South Florida Vendors. Our shoot was featured on STYLE ME PRETTY FLORIDA and it couldn’t have been more of an exciting start to a new year!Feathers seem to be popping up everywhere these days… in our hair, hanging from our earrings and dangling from our necklaces.  I was so inspired and excited by this trend that I couldn’t help myself but to bring them into a wedding setting.  I also wanted to create an inspirational wedding in a South Florida setting with some Northern woodsy appeal so we brought in some antlers!  I was more than fortunate to team up with a group of amazing South Florida Vendors to make my vision come to life and to create this “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together” inspirational shoot.It all started with the fabulous hairpieces provided by HairFeather. We dressed the Bride in a beautiful headpiece with feathers hanging from the back in lieu of a typical veil.  She was simply stunning and the veil like feather hairpiece truly created that ohh-ahh bridal moment.  We also played around with a couple other hair accessories throughout the shoot to showcase the versatility of incorporating feathers into the Bride’s look during different settings.  I didn’t think it was possible to make our Bride, Aniela more beautiful, but Kristin Brown did just that.  We wanted free flowing curls to play with the hanging feathers and her makeup was just perfect and oh so sweet.Christine from Ink Lemonade nailed it with our Invitation Suite. She incorporated feathers into the invitation and r.s.v.p. and antlers into the save the date with lots of whimsy and lettering styles throughout.  To exude the warmth and texture of crackling logs in a fire, she used charcoal as the main design medium and the envelope was hand painted with a custom-mixed turquoise gouache. It was perfect. The Paper Nickel just topped it off with their amazing collection of vintage stamps. It was such a treat to receive them and an undeniable addition to the already amazing hand painted envelope.The floral arrangements designed by Xquisite Events brought the pop of color and whimsy I could have only hoped for.  From the gorgeous fuchsia peonies to the bright yellow ranunculus and hot pink roses, they were beautiful!  The tablescape was created on a good ol’ picnic table. It was eclectic, not cluttered, but clean, incorporating the antlers, glass bulbs, feathers, and mercury glass, amber glassware, clear plates, and twisted silverware, yarn and glitter burlap napkins.  It was created to be simple yet stunning and I think the floral arrangements helped it to be just that.The Ceremony setting was Holiday-esque as the inspirational wedding was to take place in late December and by incorporating Christmas glass bulbs we wanted to pay a little homage to the Holiday season.  We also created a dessert display with varying holiday inspired treats to bring forth emotions from holiday foods and times spent with family and friends.  For example, the Thanksgiving evoking pumpkin and praline pies, the Halloween inspired caramel corn popcorn balls, Santa’s favorite chocolate chip cookies and milk, the forever fun Forth of July s’mores on a stick and who goes camping with family and friends without some good old trail mix?!The photo booth was a blast to make and was created by using craft paper and handmade sweet potato stamps shaped to resemble feathers.  A special thanks to Little Retreats for supplying all the amazing handcrafted fun on a stick pieces. From the bow-tie to the antlers, we had such a great time playing with their designs.Lastly, but most certainly not least, a special thanks to Timotei Jinar Films and Diana Lupu Photography for capturing all the unbelievable moments of creating this shoot and for making my vision come through their lenses so beautifully. I’m sure they could make anything look good, but it was such a joy to work with them both personally and I’m so thankful. Also, a special thank you to Diana’s assistant Jewel, for assisting with, well just about everything! I hope you all enjoyed this shoot and most importantly that it evoked some inspiration. I had the time of my life creating this shoot and it will forever be cherished. Enjoy!

The Team:

Styling + Coordination: Kasey D Weddings

Photography: Diana Lupu

Videography: Timotei Jinar Films

Florals: Xquisite Events

Hair + Makeup: Kristin Brown

Hair Accessories: HairFeather

Paper Suite: Ink Lemonade

Stamps: The Paper Nickel Stamp Co.

Place Settings: Panache

Photo Booth Props: Little Retreats

Models: Aniela & Paul

Diana LupuJanuary 9, 2012

It was such an honor to work with you and i’m so glad that i ignored the butterflies and sent you that initial email. I feel like I’ve not only met a fabulously talented peer, but also made an amazing friend. Now, just so you know, I’m working on getting hubby to renew our vows just so we can hire you! xoxo

JacelyneMarch 22, 2012

Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! Would you be able to email me and let me know where this was done? This is exactly the type of place I’m looking to do my wedding at. Also, the team that put this all together was so creative! I would love to speak to you regarding my wedding. Thanks!

ericaJJanuary 18, 2013

aah. your work is wonderful! I hope or paths cross and we get to work together in the future. =D