Kasey d weddings office shoot with Jessica Lorren Photography

First off, let me start by saying Jessica Lorren’s Photos are down right yummy. Her work gives you that oh so good feeling inside, it’s just a plus that she’s so darn sweet. I was dancing in my pants when she accepted my request to have her over for lunch and to take photos of my new home office. Not only did she oblige me by saying yes but she said she was going to use FILM! She’s bananas, amazing.  I’m so excited to share my little wedding oasis with you! It’s the one place I can call completely mine, where I can shut the door, forget about the dirty dishes in the sink and spend countless hours working away while listening to some good music and surfing the big wide world of wedding blogs for some inspiration.Not only did I get Jessica Lorren to come over, but I got the one and only Kristin Brown to doll me up better than I ever could myself or anyone else I know for that matter! I’m saving you from the before and after, but trust me, I needed her help! A big thank you is in order to Kristin for making me feel as beautiful as I hope to feel when I’m a bride…someday! She’s the best, not only did we listen to some good records and eat some cheese and crackers she also made me lmfao ’cause she’s so frick’n funny. Just love her!Jess spotted our swing while scoping out the house and after the cheese and crackers and cupcakes, I thought I could most certainly oblige her and get on the swing. I started pumping but then realized using film is an art form all in its self and you most hold a pose, you can’t just snap away. This is where using film can get tricky, as you don’t have that instant gratification or know if you captured the moment, but at the same time this is also what makes film so special.I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my office! Jess sure did make it look precious. Thanks so much to Jess and Kristin for coming over and making my office shoot a success, it was truly a memorable day. I hope to have Kasey D Brides come here too someday!

Wedding Wishes + Planning Bliss,

AlexJanuary 9, 2012

Kasey, your office is so cute!!! Wishing you lots of luck for Kasey D Weddings!

Emilia JaneJanuary 9, 2012


todd goodJanuary 10, 2012

Looking hot Kasey “D”! Love the simple and clean look of your office….and Jess is awesome as usual!

[...] “Wow, I like them so much”, this is what I said to Dave after my first in-person meeting with Matt and Lisa. I think I repeated it 17x throughout the evening as just the thought of these two brought a smile to my face. It might have been because Lisa is the sort of stunning that you could stare at forever or because Matt is well aware of that fact and it shows in his every glance her direction. Either way I fell for them and was so happy to photograph their wedding day, planned and styled by my sweet friend Kasey D. [...]

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